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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Change Dribbles In

Republican women seem to be getting it; you remember John McCain's wife took part in a photo shoot supporting equal marriage a few months ago.  Now this from Laura Bush:

Where the women go, the men always follow.  Eventually.  It's a straight thing.

People who say Laura should have spoken up while her husband was in the White House are simply immature, juvenile in judgment - and probably have never been married.  It wasn't her job to pick a public fight with her husband over any political issue, was it? 

You know guys, we need to take our allies wherever and whenever we find them, and not be overrighteous, ungrateful, bitchy queens about it.  You want to have a friend, you have to be a friend, my mama always said.

And across the water, this startling fact from Andrew Sullivan:  11 members of the now-governing Conservative party are gay and out.  Here we have only 3 openly gay congresspeeps, all Dems.  Wonder when we will ever see the first out gay Republican in national office?


TomS said...

It is great to have you back Russ.

In regard to this item: I think it is nice that Mrs. Bush is coming out publicly (so to speak) in support of Gay Marriage, etc.

I hope I am allowed to say that my instincts keep me from fully trusting the motive here (and one can pass judgment on my credentials as an overrighteous, ungrateful bitchy queen, lol....although those that know me would laugh out loud at that assertion.)

We needed voices like Mrs. Bush's when it was difficult. It's easy to be an ally now, as the tide seems to be turning, and Republicans need any supprt they can find.

I dunno....I trust my gut on this one.

Jeepguy said...

I'm sure Laura didn't just think this up after she left the White House. While there, she never struck me as the brightest light on the street, but who knows. Maybe she will surprise us, now that she doesn't have to agree pubicly with George on everything. She couldn't very well let on that she's smarter than ol' GW.

Stanley said...

Laura should have spoken up when the bitch was in the White House. It's not my fault she's married to that asshole! I'm tired of people coming out or speaking up just when it's safe to.

Mareczku said...

Ouch, Stanley, that was harsh. Oh well, it is good that she supports gay marriage. I'm pro-life so I don't agree with her on abortion.

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