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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DADT Repeal Moves a Step Closer

From Joe.My.God. yesterday:
Earlier today White House officials met with LGBT groups to hammer out a compromise agreement on attaching a repeal of DADT as an amendment to a pending Defense authorization bill. Following the meeting, the White House for the first time endorsed the amendment attempt. While some see lots of holes in the compromise, most LGBT and progressive groups are responding favorably.
"Repeal with a trigger mechanism" is how it's been described, but it does make repeal official policy.  The Palm Center, Servicemembers United, Human Rights Campaign, and Servicemembers Legal Defense Network are all on board and support the move. 

Crucial votes in the House and Senate will happen as early as Thursday of this week.  Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-PA, who has been spearheading repeal for many months, says this afternoon he has 192 co-sponsors for the amendment:  "It's not a question of If, it's a question of When."

Still, with Congress you never know, and the rightwingers are already flooding Congress with emails and phone calls to block the repeal of DADT.  Click here to send a message to your Congresspeople urging them to vote for the repeal amendment.

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