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Monday, January 11, 2021

New Video: "The Party of Law and Order"


At about the same time, this: 

And you must remember this:

June 6, 2020

What I Say:  Today the House of Representatives will formally ask Vice President Pence to oust Trump under the provisions of the 25th Amendment; and if Pence refuses to do so, the House will begin work on Articles of Impeachment.  In this interview, Rep. Jim McGovern says some words your Head Trucker has not yet had a chance to say here in the Blue Truck about the crisis and the perpetrators of this attack on our government.

But I will tell you one more word I am thinking of very hard:  ARREST.  Any other person inciting a murderous mob to attack our seat of government - the nation is looking at you, Giuliani, and you, Junior -  would be cuffed and booked and thrown under the jailhouse as quick as the police could lay hands on him.  I understand the concept of presidential immunity, which has its proper place in the scheme of things; but NO president can be allowed to incite insurrection from the back yard of the White House, you might say, and get away with it.

If Trump can't be arrested today, he damn well should be at 12:01 p.m. on January 20th.  And the law, and if need be the Constitution, must be changed as quickly as possible to authorize the immediate arrest and removal from office of ANY president who foments sedition, rebellion, or treason, now or in future.  


The FBI is busting rioters all over the country even as I type; why not the mobster who sicced them on the Capitol?  This gap in the law must be closed.  I understand it might be a tricky thing to work out in legal terms - but we must come down HARD on the perpetrators of this vile attempt to overthrow the constitutional order, or as McConnell said the other day, our democracy will enter a death spiral.  That is my considered opinion, for what it's worth.

P. S. -- Will someone please cc this highly pertinent article to McGovern and Pelosi ASAP?  Thanks.



Frank said...

George Will's prediction that "the worse is yet to come" was not a lone voice...so many were saying this for four years, and like prophets of old, were not heeded. Words, spoken or written, seem to evaporate with the next news cycle, often within hours of their utterance. At this late date there seems to be no satisfactory resolution to the crisis we are in and the utter lack of coordinated leadership in Congress.

Russ Manley said...

Yeah, prophets have a lousy job. No respect, no retweets, no trendlines. I hear the pay isn't great, either.

But seems to me the Democratic leadership is zipping right along very briskly. And who knows if Pence and maybe a few turning worms on the Republican side of the Senate might not surprise us all? Especially as the public outrage grows and turns the heat up on all the Trump-suckers.

I'm praying the good Lord will keep him from doing any more damage between now and Jan. 20 - or any foreign actors. We private citizens can only wait and hope for the best, and cheer on the good-doers.

My God, what interesting times our generation has lived through, eh?

Michael said...

This whole nightmare has been surreal. Trump needs to be held accountable for his deeds.

NW MAN said...

You said all that needs to be said and done. ARREST

Russ Manley said...

Appreciate your comments, guys.

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