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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Lying Brownnoser Ted Cruz Tells The Big One

Please forgive my lapse into intemperate language, fellas, but I feel it is my journalistic duty to report plainly to you about thus stinking scumbag who, though he has a seat in Congress, does not represent me or my fellow Texans in any moral sense.

Your Head Trucker well recalls that during the presidential campaign of 2016, Texas Senator Ted Cruz - after Trump had insulted Cruz's wife and accused Cruz's father of conspiring to assassinate John F. Kennedy - was the very last big Republican politician to oppose Trump.  Cruz swore and be damned that he would never, ever support Trump, and held out all the way to October, I think.  And then, just a few weeks before Election Day - inexplicably - Cruz suddenly went crawling on his hands and knees to kiss Trump's ass.  He even recorded some videos or robocalls for him, I believe.

And all this long time, obedient sub boy Cruz has kept his nose right there, supporting everything Trump said or did, and never a breath of criticism.  And on Wednesday, minutes before Trump's mob attacked Congress, Cruz was on the floor of the House, front and center, leading the legislative attack on the electoral vote, the legitimate will of the People, as Cruz's dungeonmaster bid him do.

All that was bad enough.  But yesterday, Cruz had the brazen gall to go on television and tell the Big Fucking Lie that he has "disagreed with the President's rhetoric and language for the last four years."  Proving beyond all doubt that even after his filthy coup attempt failed miserably, Trump still has Cruz's balls in his back pocket.

CNN's Erin Burnett gives all the evidence, past and present, that anyone could need to condemn Cruz as the desperate, conniving monumental liar that he is:

No admission of wrongdoing, no remorse, only a glaring untruth.  Lying bootlicker Cruz has enabled a would-be dictator at every step of the way, tried to overthrow the election, perverted his oath to support the Constitution, and made himself a laughingstock.  He should leave D. C. as soon as Trump does, and in like shame.

Update, 8 a.m.--I'm not the only Texan who's steamed.  The Houston Post castigates Cruz, calls on him to resign:

Update, 1/10/21, 12:15 a.m.--
On Friday, President-Elect Joe Biden went there: he called out Cruz (and his partner in crime Hawley) by name as being partners in the Big Lie, which he compared to Goebbel's propaganda in Nazi Germany. 

See also:  Never Forget What Ted Cruz Did - New York Times, 1/11/21



Davis said...

It's time for intemperate language if it's speaks the Truth.

Frank said...

I don't understand the number of GOP Never-trumpers who ended up kissing his ass for four years. What other than their need for his supporters' votes motivated them. Are they all so shallow and without any integrity? I guess the answer to that is "yes". He and Lindsey and McConnell and the bunch of them need to just go away and never be heard from again.

NW MAN said...

Your language fits the situation perfectly, buddy. Do not apologize.

Trump needed to be removed, via the 25th, the day this insurrection happened. While he was calling republicans urging them to change the voting results, as the violence continued.

If we do not get him out of office right away, without a deal to allow him to pardon his friends, family, and self, then when do we use the 25th?

It has been an appalling four years ending with the civil unrest he has encouraged.

I truly believe that all of the people who voted for him do not agree with the small group of "stop the steal" magaidiots that showed up to trash, kill, and disrespect the Democracy. But they must be in favor of saying "you're fired" to this charlatan.

Russ Manley said...

Appreciate all you said, fellas. We're all on the same wavelength.

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