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Monday, August 24, 2020

Evil Is Real

Your Head Trucker presents this new video from the Lincoln Project for your consideration.  It is a political ad by a group of Republicans who seek Trump's defeat, and technically falls under the broad category of propaganda - however, propaganda may be true or false, and the video does seem to square with recent investigative journalism such as this article in Vanity Fair and this piece by NBC News.

So read, think, and make up your own mind about what kind of baby-faced demon would, in effect, condemn American citizens to suffering and death for the sake of political advantage.

While we are on the subject of evil, what would you think of a high federal official who deliberately sabotaged the United States Mail in order to throw an election? While the name of the crime might be debatable, TRAITOR springs to mind as a fitting name for the culprit.

Nixon: I am not a crook.

Trump:  I am not a racist.

Louis Dejoy: I am not sabotaging the election.


Frank said...

Don't forget Stephen Miller and....nearly every presidential appointee, and unofficial White House staff, advisor, etc...they are all enablers and complicit in the evildoing of this Administration.

My issue is how can nearly half the voting citizens be so totally in the dark and not see what is happening to democracy? I am worried.

Russ Manley said...

Oh yes, there is a web of evil men around Trump. Trump is too dumb and too self-adoring to be Hitler, who was very cunning and had a big long-range master plan. The next Hitler - God forbid! - might be one of the shadowy figures now lurking behind the Trumpian throne. Ghastly thought!

And yes, even when Trump has left the building - and preferably the country - there will still be the 62 million left who voted him into office. You should understand, Frank, that it is like one huge, ginormous cult now. You cannot reason with the Bible-thumpers on your doorstep, nor can you reason with the true-believer Trumpists. They have already decided not to see anything that contradicts their faith.

Remember when we young Americans used to look back in history and wonder how in the world the Germans could have fallen for the whole Nazi spiel? Well, now we know. And the German nation had to be ground into powder to break the hold it had on them, at horrific cost in lives and suffering.

Seems to me the same kind of mass hysteria has happened now in America. I don't know how to deal with that - I don't think anyone does - a completely new, unforeseen development.

I'm praying for enlightenment, peace, and healing of this nation and the world. God help us all. You can take that literally or figuratively, as you please.

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