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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Fourth of July 2018: I Am an American

This is a PSA made by the Ad Council in the wake of the September 11th attacks, and reissued ten years later.  I find it very timely and very moving still.

With my tiny voice here on this blog, I appeal to all my truckbuddies, and to all my fellow Americans, to remember in this darkening time that while we may be a nation of many colors, we are all one people under Old Glory. I pray that everyone from all sides, of all stripes and shades and opinions, will remember that above and beyond the individual pursuit of happiness, it is our duty as Americans to preserve and extend "the blessings of liberty" handed down to us, to make common cause across all lines and divisions, to seek peace and pursue it - not merely abroad, but starting right here at home with our friends, relations, and next-door neighbors.

I seem to hear the ominous ticking of a clock. We have had a very good thing going here in this country for nearly 250 years now. Do we really have to destroy it all in sordid squabbles, putrid politics, and internecine conflict? Must we, really? Is there not still time to turn back the tide of hate and simply love this country - and one another?  Is that not the greatest and best agenda of all?

Brothers and sisters, Americans all, I am not asking anyone to surrender. I am just asking everyone to unite, despite all differences, under the starry banner that is red and blue - for our own good, and for that of the whole world. While we still can.  God help us so to do.

I am an American.

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