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Sunday, February 23, 2014

No Gays Allowed - Is That Legal?

Anderson Cooper interviews Arizona state representative John Kavanagh on the expansion of the Arizona Religious Freedom Restoration Act, now awaiting Governor Jan Brewer's signature.

I never heard of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act until now - but it is a law, and the ACLU did indeed support it, on behalf of American Indians.

This will make a big ol' can of worms for the Supreme Court to unpack, if and when the Arizona law ever gets that far. However, after all is said and done and the shouting dies down, I can't believe the Supremes would ever allow carte blanche discrimination against the gays - or anyone else - just because "it's against my religion."

While we're on that note, it's also formally "against the religion" of the straight boys to go running after poontang they haven't put a ring on - but when has that ever stopped them from grabbing all they can get a-holt of?


Frank said...

Interesting clip/articles on the topic. How we sort out American laws/rights/cans of worms...

Russ Manley said...

A thorny problem, isn't it?

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