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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Controlling Your Body, Killing Your Soul

Title page of an anti-masturbation book originally printed in London in 1716, reprinted in Boston in 1724.

I suffered through years of agony in a fundamentalist kind of church, agonizing over my terrible but unstoppable sin of masturbation, to the point of suicidal despair.  I suspect some of you fellas can relate.

It's hard to believe that kind of ignorant, assoholic propaganda is still going on in the 21st century, but apparently it is.  Below, a foul-mouthed but brilliant dissection of the underlying motive for all that - which is to control you and sell you more toxic snake-oil.

There is religious faith which is wholesome, fortifying, and sane - and it's important not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, or to take someone's hope away.

But condemning young men to hell for beating off is neither good, nor sane, nor holy.  It is a monstrous con job, an evil mind-control scam.  But listen to what Dusty says:

Original anti-masturbation video here.


Stan said...

I was raised Roman Catholic and had to confess to the priest in the confessional of how "I had impure thoughts and did impure things" was the way I put it.
I'm sure every boy that followed me said the same thing.

It's no wonder some of these priests preyed on young boys as they were hearing this from them in confession. The whole thing is fucked up.

I can't believe that video!

Frank said...

Confession was a torture chamber...the guilt, the remorse, the inability to remain pure...what a waste of a childhood and adolescence.

JCF said...

There but for the GRACE of having been raised Episcopalian go I... [Lord, your most unworthy servant thanks you for this gift---and for the gift of my body, which You have created for pleasure!]

Russ Manley said...

Stan and Frank - I agree. The mandatory confessional sounds horrible. We protestants have no such thing, but I was such a good little do-bee (and a fool) that I went and voluntarily "confessed" and asked help from the preachers I knew. Of course, none of their good, righteous advice was any help.

JCF - I didn't grow up in the Episcopal Church but I wish I had - would have been spared years of needless mental suffering, for no good purpose whatsoever.

Tim said...

I would comment, but I've just had a wank and I'm too tired. LOL, it hasn't made me go blind yet!

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