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Monday, December 5, 2016

The Crumpet Controversy

Tempting, yes - but is this a real crumpet?
Picture from King Arthur Flour Company.

Just to show that the Blue Truck remains undaunted in its mission to shed light upon the pressing issues of the day, and to follow fearlessly wherever the pursuit of Truth may lead, we now take you to the wilds of Indiana for this revealing exposé.  Viewer discretion is advised, depending on how you really feel about pikelets and barm.

More 18th century cooking videos can be found at James Townsend's YouTube channel.

Bonus video: Are your crumpets too heavy? Maybe you're overdoing the flour.


Frank said...

I've been baking for too many years to count and making muffins, bread and pizza...I scoop and eyeball it...with great results. There are just too many food and cooking snobs out there. I never made a crumpet in my life.

Larrymarty said...

I really enjoyed The Crumpet controversy video.

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