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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

This week, my housemate M.P., who is more in tune with the younger set, has introduced me to this remarkable a cappella group, who apparently have made a record or two and are trying to break into the music business; love their sound, but this old fuddy-duddy can't stand to look at them.

(Kids these days, with their outlandish hair and weird clothes, sheesh! What is the world coming to?)

See what you think, fellas - and meanwhile, from our house to yours, have a very merry Christmas.


Tim said...

Well Partner liked it Russ (and that in itself is a small Christmas miracle!) As for me, mmm, I’ll stick to Handel’s Messiah for my Christmas music. Grin. He had big hair too btw.

Frank said...

Nah. Too much clicking and smacking. The pure vocal might have been nice.

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