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Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Two Americas, Mapped

The New York Times has generated a couple of fairly large geographic maps showing the difference between the America that voted for Clinton and the one that voted for Trump.  The small snip below is just to whet your appetite, so go look at the real thing..

And in case you are wondering -- I have been surprised to discover that there is no single nationwide authority for the popular vote, which is still being counted in some states by election officials. However, it seems that two private websites that keep running totals of the vote are regarded by the general media as being more or less dependable; here they are:

The Cook Political Report

Dave Leip's Atlas of U. S. Presidential Elections

Not that the vote count really matters at this point; but the stats are there if you want to see them.


Davis said...

We've lost, but I do take heart that not only are we not alone, we are in fact in the majority of the American people.

Russ Manley said...

Yes, and in the long run public opinion won't tolerate too much oppression, though it might be a good while before we arrive at that point. Meanwhile, all those in power will be clearly showing themselves as they really are - no blaming it on the "liberal media," etc.

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