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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mencken on the White House Moron

The canny, acerbic H. L. Mencken wrote many a cutting observation still relevant to our politics and society.  This quotation is making the rounds of the Internet now, but in mangled form; even the usually reliable Snopes.com doesn't get it quite right.  So as a public service, your Head Trucker presents it now in its original form, which you may quote as you please:

First published in an article entitled "Bayard vs Lionheart" in the Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920, and reprinted in On Politics:  A Carnival of Buncombe, edited by Malcolm Moos, the Johns Hopkins University Press, 1956, on page 21.

I tell you these bibliographic details because, children, truth is more important than ever now in this grave new world where so many facts are quite literally at everyone's fingertips -- but so few can be bothered to lift one little finger to find them.

And if you casually, carelessly spread lies around, by whatever means, you have no reason to complain when one day they boomerang back and break your little necks, now do you?

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