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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Wonderful World of Tupperware

The first half of this promotional film, made about 1965 by my figuring, reveals the intricate factory processes that create those familiar, last-forever plastic containers we all grew up with - the second half celebrates the concept of the "Tupperware party" that was the only way you could buy the stuff - maybe still is.  Any of you shitkickers been to one lately?

I'm still using a Tupperware quart-size measuring cup and a sunshine-yellow strainer that my mom bought in 1975.

BTW, there's a famous face you'll all recognize towards the end of the show - but I won't spoil the surprise.


Tim said...

Hard to know which was more plastic.....the Tupperware, or the smiles! Grin!

Muskox said...

It's good stuff and I'm still using most of the stuff I bought thirty years ago. Some friends and I wanted to get some Tupperware, but we weren't interested in going to a Tupperware party as such, so we invited a lady to host a guys-only Tupperware "gathering." We didn't play games or anything, we drank beer, went through the catalog and ordered our stuff, said goodbye, and went home.

I've noticed in the last few years that they have Tupperware kiosks in some malls where you can buy the stuff. They may still have parties, but nobody's invited me to one in decades.

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