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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wartime Farm, Part 1 of 8

A fascinating BBC series first shown in 2012. Description:
Historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn face up to the challenges of the biggest revolution ever seen in the history of the British countryside as they turn Manor Farm back to how it was run in the Second World War. When Britain entered the war, two-thirds of all Britain's food was imported - and now it was under threat from a Nazi blockade. To save Britain from starvation, the nation's farmers were tasked with doubling food production in what Churchill called 'the frontline of freedom'. This meant ploughing up 6.5 million acres of unused land - a combined area bigger than the whole of Wales.

In this first episode, the farmers find themselves in a new location, a new time period and with a new team member. There is a new farmhouse to modernise, strict new rules to abide by and air raid precautions to contend with.

Bonus:  A charming little teaching film produced in 1941 by the British Ministry of Food to teach home cooks the tastiest way to prepare a cabbage, with no waste of vitamins:


Tim said...

Good to see the boys left the girls to do the work and carried on playing cricket. Spiffing!

Davis said...


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