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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Drive: World in Remembrance

Pathe News presents a summary of the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill on January 30, 1965 - fifty years ago this week.

I remember quite vividly watching the funeral - via live Telstar transmission from London - with my father on a wet and dreary Saturday in a motel room where we were staying while away from home. The set we watched it on was black-and-white, of course, but it was a very moving experience nonetheless: the only time I ever saw my father weep.

While serving in the Air Force, Daddy had been stationed in England and retained a love for the people and their great wartime leader, a fondness I seem to have inherited.


Tim said...

I too remember watching his funeral, with my mother; she was so sad. A great man when Britain needed greatness, he deserves his place in history.

Davis said...

Among the greatest of that century without doubt.

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