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Monday, January 26, 2015

Marriage News Watch, 1/26/15

Matt Baume of the American Foundation for Equal Rights reports:

Update:  In response to the state's plea, U. S. District Judge Callie Granade yesterday issued a 14-day stay of her ruling striking down Alabama's anti-gay marriage ban; unless the Eleventh Circuit extends the stay on appeal by the state, marriage will be legal in Alabama on February 9th.  Full text of the ruling here.


Frank said...


We are heading to Roswell tomorrow because Leon wants to see the aliens. It should be in the 60s there.
Then we are heading to South Carolina to see Leon's mom...and I guess that means we have to go through a part of Texas.
I don’t remember where you live, because I deleted that email with your address long ago.
If we are in/near your neighborhood, would love to stop and shake your hand and say “Howdy” (is that correct Texas lingo?).

Frank DeFrancesco

Russ Manley said...

It's a lovely thought, Frank, and I'd love to meet you fellas in person - but alas, I live many miles off your route to Carolina, and as fate would have it, present circumstances prevent me from traveling to meet you at an intermediate point. So, much as I regret the missed opportunity, let's hope to meet another time, somewhere, somehow, okay?

Y'all take care and have safe journey. And say howdy to the aliens for me.

Frank said...

We are in Roswell tonight, will do sightseeing tomorrow (that should take an hour) then heading toward Abilene and Dallas. I'll be waving' at ya all the way! Take care. - Frank

Russ Manley said...

Have a safe trip - and whatever you do, do NOT try to drive through Big D during rush hour!

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