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Monday, September 1, 2014

Julia Child: Elegance with Eggs

Labor Day is here, the last fling of summer. It's too hot to cook a big meal, but you invited all those people over for brunch - what to serve with the mimosas? Julia shows just what to do for a delicious, elegant brunch with baked eggs, shirred eggs, and omelettes, all easy as can be and takes no time at all.  First broadcast January 1, 1964 - fifty years ago already, if you can believe it.  Where does the time go?

Julia gives a shout-out in this episode to her British counterpart, Fanny Craddock, whom I'll feature in an upcoming post.


Tim said...

Eggscellent - well, someone had to say it!

She was from California, but where was her accent from?

Russ Manley said...

Her parents were of New England stock, as I recall, and something of that accent is in the undertones of her speech - but her delightful fluty voice was her own! An American original, one of a kind.

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