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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Royal Jewels

Many Americans have a nodding acquaintance with the jewels worn by HM The Queen and other British royal ladies, having seen them worn in various royal weddings and on other ceremonial occasions, but this film explores the jewels of the Danish and Swedish royal families, and oh my - they are something to behold.

BTW, your Head Trucker likes Queen Margrethe II of Denmark a lot - she's an artist and a lively personality with a charming smile.  She'd be the life of any party, I think, Queen or not.  And be on the lookout for her daughter-in-law, Crown Princess Mary, born a commoner in Australia, who reminds me very much of the Duchess of Cambridge.


Ted said...

I lived in a small south Tx town, and each Christmas the Baptist church would host the Widow's Banquet. I expected paper plates, but was met by senior adults dressed as if they were going to the prom. I always looked for one little widow, who, with her husband had run the local jewelry store. Through the years she had collected some stunning pieces, and wore them only at that banquet, usually with a custom-tailored outfit designed around her jewelry. It was always a hoot!

Mike, Studio City said...

That was a real pleasure.

Davis said...

My cousin had a visit with Crown Princess Mary of Denmark on her recent Australian tour - they grew up in the same town.

Russ Manley said...

Ted - I can just picture the scene. The church dinners like that are the high points of the social season in little TX towns.

Mike - Glad you liked.

Davis - How interesting - a case of "local girl makes good," in a big way.

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