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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why Everybody Says "Thank God for Mississippi"

Everybody in neighboring states, that is; Mississippi makes them look good by comparison.  Fifty years ago, as your Head Trucker well recalls, and perhaps even forty years ago, this would not have been news at all in most parts of the South:  just bidness as usual.

Yet though times have changed drastically for racial equality across the length and breadth of Dixie, there are even yet some pockets of resistance, as in Crystal Springs, a small town near Jackson, the capital of Mississippi.

If they feel that way about the blacks, just imagine how they feel about the queers.


Tim said...

Pastor Stan Weatherford needs to get some cojones! What hypocrisy!

Russ Manley said...

The good pastor has none. Besides, you wouldn't expect him to give up the $100K salary, the free house, the free car, free utilities, free medical & dental plan, free country club membership, and all the rest, would you?

Just for a couple of black people? I mean, how crazy would that be.

They can go sit in the church on Sundays. Why isn't that enough for them? Why do they always want to ruin everything for everybody else?

Just like the gays . . . .

Tim said...


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