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A N D N O W I T ' S T H E L A W O F T H E L A N D.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth!

Hope you guys have a good one.

P.S. - a belated happy Canada Day to my truckbuddies north of the border. 

What the delegate from Texas would have said.

From the White House, a performance of "America the Beautiful." Yeah, it's partly a campaign ad - but aren't you glad it's not McCain or Bush or Romney?


Tim said...

Happy 4th to you Russ, love the cartoon!

Russ Manley said...

Thanks, Tim. Willie Nelson is known all the way across the ocean, then?

Tim said...

Well he is to me, though I'm more a Bakersfield Sound, Merle Haggard/Gary Allan Man these days. For some reason it's not considered cool to like Country in Europe, perhaps it's thought to be too Redneck, but that's to miss it's roots don't you think?

How did celebrate your Independence, not without a slight tinge of regret perhaps?

Russ Manley said...

My only regret is that the late misunderstanding between our two countries could not have been settled more amicably. Unfortunately, your politicans at the time were as pigheaded and stupid as our modern Republican party, so there was just nothing else to do but split off and go our own way.

I still think we ought to be admitted to the Commonwealth - I mean, what's Zimbabwe got that we ain't got? I'm sure HM would give us a gracious welcome back into the family. Grin.

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