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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Feel the Love

On Friday, Chief Justice John Roberts jokingly ducked questions about his role in the healthcare ruling by telling an audience he was heading for "an impregnable island fortress"  - i.e., Malta, where he was already scheduled to participate in an international legal conference.

Your Head Trucker doesn't know about Malta, but Bermuda I've always thought would be a real nice place to go to.  I don't know how they get so many houses and beaches and everything squeezed into an island that's only 20 square miles in area, not quite as big as Manhattan, but somehow they do. Never been there myself, but it looks right pretty, would make a dandy island refuge I think. Would sure suit me. Take a look at some of these videos:

Gee whiz, wish I could go there. Maybe one day I can, when my ship comes in:


Tim said...

Russ, I don't need to tell you, but I've been to Malta. Yeah I've been everywhere man!

7It's a great place where England still rocks.

There was a dodgey period (mid 70') where Dom Mintoff held sway, but otherwise, the islands are very pro British. Great place to visit on a Med Cruise.

Malta is where the famous WWII fighters Faith, Hope and Charity come from: 3 old RAF Gladiator biplanes that fought off the Italians before help arrived

Malta Rocks.

Russ Manley said...

Yes, your dossier is bulging with reports of all your many travels, it takes three clerks to lift it out of the filing cabinet.

So Malta is very pro-British? Once again, how surprising, after they went all republican and downgraded HM, who is no longer Queen of Malta. But they did keep the George Cross her father gave them on their flag, so I guess that says something about them.

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