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Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day

War is a horrible, ugly, brutal, nasty thing:  a license to kill, maim, destroy.  There is nothing glamorous or glorious about it whatsoever.  Nevertheless, as long as there are wicked men in the world who will stop at nothing to get their way, without respect for innocence, peace, or justice, war is, at times, a necessary evil.

Your Head Trucker makes a distinction between the political decision to go to war, which may be culpably stupid, shortsighted, or actually evil, and the individuals who willingly decide to serve, and serve honorably to the best of their abilities for what they hope is the greater good of all - just as our police and firefighters do.  While military service is not the be-all and end-all of life, it can be a very worthwhile career, and a defining experience, for those who are suited to that particular task. 

It takes courage to go to war, just as it sometimes takes courage to stay home. I submit that it is also an act of devout patriotism to work for justice and peace, and to help ensure that no soldier is ever sent to die, nor any parent, widow, or orphan left to weep, for impure, unjust reasons that betray the very essence of what America is meant to be.

Hence my small tribute to those who, like my late father, have worn the nation's uniform and served with honor:

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