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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Classic Shacks: Town Head House

Your Head Trucker's tastes in architecture tend heavily towards the classical and traditional; the Georgian period is my especial favorite, though as a Southerner I naturally have a weakness for Greek Revival; yet sometimes when I'm feeling my oats, throwing caution to the winds, I might even have a fling with Art Deco.  I guess we all have a little tryst now and then, eh?

When I have nothing better to do, I sometimes amuse myself in looking over advertisements for real estate I can never hope to possess, but which is delightful to daydream about.  In what may become a new regular feature here on the Blue Truck, here's a lovely old house in a stunningly beautiful location that perhaps my truckbuddies will appreciate as much as I do:  Town Head House, on Lake Windermere in the Lake District of England, which famously inspired much of William Wordsworth's youthful poetry, among others. 

The house has been in the family since George III was on the throne, but now they are selling out for a mere £5,250,000, or about $8.2 million at current exchange rates.

You can see more pictures and the full property description at the real estate listing site.  And the Telegraph has this article on the current family, their history, and their reasons for selling.


Nikolaos said...

Georgian architecture is gorgeous, as is the style of the US antebellum south. Proportion, symmetry, balance ... beautiful. And the Lake District is stunningly beautiful.

There are small Georgian houses which cost a lot less than 5 million pounds though!

Look at this one ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/53898331@N00/2373359506/ ) in a small town near where I live in Victoria

Russ Manley said...

Yes, very nice lines that deserve a fix-up. Reminds me a bit of some of our old farmhouses in this part of the world, though here they would be wood frame and always with a front porch, on account of the climate.

Nice to hear that someone else appreciates Georgian symmetry and balance as I do, Nikolaos. Which are sadly lacking in the modern world.

Stan said...

I've always had a thing for those old antebellum main houses with the columns like in Gone with the Wind. Classic beauties!

Russ Manley said...

Actually, Selznick overglamorized it with GWTW - North Georgia in that era was barely reclaimed from the wilderness, and didn't have such mansions as they did in the older parts of the South. Margaret Mitchell laughed out loud when she saw the Hollywood version of what she described in the book as "upcountry functional." But I agree - it makes a very pretty picture.

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