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Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Single Man

A clip of Colin Firth's moving performance in the 2009 movie, based on a story by Christopher Isherwood, that resonates deeply with your Head Trucker:

Rob Tisinai:
“The service is just for family.”

This is the life our worst opponents want for us. What they want our culture to go back to. What they consider the proper order of things. They might object, perhaps with truth, that they don’t wish on us this trauma and grief.They merely want us to be celibate, to avoid temptation, to stifle our chances for a loving partner.

But if we refuse to do that, we certainly shouldn’t expect to be family.


Davis said...

A magnificent performance and a fine film.

Theaterdog said...

I heard this line from this scene of the film in a radio interview first, and every time I have watched it, when I hear it again I cringe for a generation of our kind. Least we forget, ya know.

Russ Manley said...


Jack Scott said...

I just ran onto your blog.

I'm a Texan too and I'm a bisexual guy from the Houston area, so much more liberal minded than the average Texan. I'm probably to the right of you politically from looking over your blog.

I just wanted to tell you the name of your blog is great. I like it a lot. It's such a cool name, you should trademark it. You have a very creative mind to have come up with such a descriptive and unique name for your blog.

Jack Scott

Russ Manley said...

Thanks Jack, appreciate ya.

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