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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Colorful Queens

No, not what you're thinking.  A couple of short compilations about the RMS Queen Mary and her sister ship RMS Queen Elizabeth, with some great color photographs of the fabulous interiors interspersed with black and white footage of a day and time when people acted like ladies and gentlemen in public, and dressed accordingly.

I've never been on a big ship but I would have loved to sail in one of these beauties.  My dad returned from the war in the Queen Elizabeth (though she was painted battleship gray, with all her luxurious fittings replaced by miles of triple-decker bunk beds for the troops).  When I was a little kid, my mom and I used to talk about sailing to Europe on one of the great liners one day, but it never came to pass.

Yes, I know they've been reincarnated several times now, but it wouldn't be the same at this point. Some things you should do for the first time when you're young, or not at all. Oh well.  Enjoy.


Davis said...

I've been on both and their "daughters", too. It's an experience never forgotten.

Theaterdog said...

I have crossed on the QE2, and the giant new QMary, and didn't start until I was almost 50.
If I win the lotto I'll take you on one of those crossings, although the tuxedo thing isn't my style.
Blue Truck is always the best show on the internet!

Russ Manley said...

Appreciate ya fellas. And totally envious here.

Stan said...

I've seen these ships docked in New York harbor. Would love to sail away some day on one of them.

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