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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tired Old Queen at the Movies: The Long Hot Summer

Steve Hayes dishes up a cool review of The Long Hot Summer - perfect timing.  He writes:
Passions flair in the heat of "The Long Hot Summer" (1958) directed by Martin Ritt. Paul Newman stakes his claim to stardom as a drifter out to tame a prim and proper southern belle played by his future wife Joanne Woodward. Anthony Franciosa and Lee Remick tantalize, tease and chase each other throughout the southern mansion owned by tycoon Orson Welles, who has an eye on seeing his family settled and settling down himself with local "B" Girl, Angela Lansbury. Based on short stories by William Faulkner and shot on location in the Deep South, "The Long Hot Summer" is steamy, sexy, playful and provocative. It's the perfect remedy for a long summer night and Paul Newman is the ideal "bad boy" to cozy up to and settle down with.
I never have seen this one, but I'm going to now.  Damn, what an incredible cast.  And Paul Newman shirtless . . . .

The trailer:

BTW, Johnny's totally cute, but like so many from the frozen Nawth has a bad case of accent envy. Well that's too bad - we cain't all be lucky enough to be born in the South I reckon.  Eachur haht out, Yankee boys. 



M. Pierre said...

paul newman was truly one of my earliest and longest lasting crushes

Stan said...

I LOVE this film. At the end when they tackle and restrain Newmans character Ben Quick against the hood of the car I've heard that in William Faulkner's book version the men cut off Ben's penis.

Cat on a hot tin roof is another good one! Yeah Russ this Yankee boy loves your funny ways and the way you southeners tawk!

Russ Manley said...

MP - Newman was pushing middle age when I became aware of him, I never understood the attraction - until I saw one of his early films.

Stan - Mmm, come a little closah and say that agin, sugah beyah . . . .

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