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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pork Boys' Day Out

View Chickasaw National Recreation Area in a larger map

So the ex-roommate called and said why don't we get the hell out of this sweltering heat and run up to Oklahoma for the afternoon, and I said let's go buddy.

Not far up the highway is Chickasaw national recreation area (a mouthful of a name, why the hell not just call it a national park?) where it was at least ten degrees cooler and lots and lots of cold, clear water:  springs, creeks, waterfalls, swimming holes.  Just lovely.

So we loaded up my truck with ice coolers and sandwich fixin's and wine, which is illegal in national parks although guns are just fine strawberry Kool-Aid, and off we went.  And it was just as nice as you might imagine:  cool and green and refreshing, with bamboo, bubbles, birds, bison - and lots of redneck girls with tattoos and cellulite.  Plus a few tattooed, half-nekkid redneck men for visual relief.  Thank God.

Some pics below to give you an idea of the water and woods, click to enlarge.  Us old boys wore ourselves out tramping around through the woods, so I'm too tired to show or say more tonight, but we did get some good pics with my little Kodak and his much finer Nikkon, so stay tuned for more scenes tomorrow.  Also a video or two maybe.

And an explanation of why we call ourselves the Pork Boys.  If anyone's interested.

Bamboo trail.  Yup.  In Oklahoma.  Go figure.

Pleasant little foot-high waterfall where we made our picnic on this side of the creek.

Downriver from the little waterfall, the people in the distance are walking down the creek bed, which is not very deep, or standing atop another, larger waterfall.

"And what the hell are you staring at?" he grunted.

Notice there is nary a railing on this sheer rock ledge at Bromide Hill, only six feet wide and sloping downwards, which is a signposted tourist attraction.  Which I suppose is Oklahoma's approach to population control.  Or something like that.

Oh and we did make a new friend while we were up there - who became our, um, duckbuddy for the day. 

Hey, stop that snickering . . . I don't diss your hookups, do I?


dave said...

Thanks for taking us along for the ride. Duck buddy - still chuckling...

David said...

Looks like a great day, and a beautiful park.

Russ Manley said...

We had a really good time.

Stan said...

grat pics! I had no idea Oklahoma even looked like this. I love the Natl. Parks and Area's they are our treasures.
It breaks my heart to see what's happening to the Gulf!

Rick said...

All I can think about are snakes, chiggers, and ticks. Since my Dad's not close by who'd burn those ticks of my nut sack with a cigar like he used to? ;)
Looked refreshing, lush and green.

Mareczku said...

Thanks for the great pictures. Looks very nice. Like the duck too.

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