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Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm Not Making This Up

Swear to God.  And it's just starting to get warm here.


Stan said...

It's that 77% humidity that kills me. We had heat like that last week where it would stay at 80 even at night UGH! And me with no A/C! Keep it down there please!

dave said...


Jason Hughes said...

LOL! You wimps!! Gimme heat and gimme it now! A little sweat never hurt anyone... At least, not that I know of... Then again, I am the one who turns on the heat when it's even slightly below 70 degrees... You'd think I had the blood vessels of a 98 year old woman!!

Have some ice cream and try not to work to hard, Russ!

TomS said...

Russ, it reminds me of my days after I moved to Phoenix in the late '80's. I recall moving in July, and 110-degree heat.....drinking about 2 gallons of water! I decided to go for a swim late at night, and when I opened the door, it was like a blast furnace!
And bless her soul---my Grandmother, who lived there for years, ALWAYS had her sweater with her...no matter how hot it was!

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