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Saturday, February 11, 2023

The Pork Boys Do the Holidays

This is just for our reference: pics of our All-Holiday meal on January 8th, making up for having missed Christmas, New Year's, and Kings' Day dinners on account of M.P. being sick in bed for two weeks with a dreadful cold.

New 7-foot Christmas tree with rotating star.
Three Cajun Red Ducks stuffed with jambalaya - this was for our Yule dinner with all the kids and grandkids on December 18th, before M.P. got sick.
The ducks cut up and placed on a platter for serving.
Our All-Holiday table setting on January 8th.
Appetizer:  chicken livers wrapped in bacon, en brochette. 
A favorite tradition of ours.
M.P.'s fabulous Cream of Green soup, with homemade croutons.
Ingredients per M.P.:
green onions, potatoes (just one thinly sliced), sauteed in margarine a short time,
then chicken bouillon, and green beans cooked for a bit. puree all and add a bit
of sour cream while pureeing. rewarm in pot adding a lot of dill, S&P, and more sour cream to taste.
Dinner:  from 5 o'clock, a piece of spinach-stuffed porkchop; buttered schoolhouse roll; piece of sugared butternut squash; and very cheesy potatoes au gratin.
Almost forgot:  a helping of pistachio fluff topped with maraschino cherries.
Our grand Christmas and New Year's dessert every year:
Chocolate mousse cake topped with raspberry sauce.


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