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Thursday, September 10, 2020

What I'm Watching: Jacques Pepin, Essential Techniques

Julia Child and Jacques Pepin are the patron saints of our kitchen, and M.P. has learned a lot from their cookbooks and cooking shows.  Here is a 3-hour video made to accompany Jacques' 2011 cookbook, Essential Pepin, which contains over 700 recipes.  

Although the video does show how to make some dishes along the way, such as eggs en cocotte, crepes suzette, and grilled steaks, much of it is concerned with demonstrating techniques useful in preparing all sorts of things:  for example, how to cook and peel an egg, how to peel and chop fruits and vegetables, and how to cut up poultry, fish, and meats.  

It's fascinating stuff, even for a plain cook like me; I like to just dip into it here and there, and watch a few minutes at a time.  The summary section on the video's YouTube page contains a very useful hyperlinked table of contents.  So if you have any interest in cookery at all, give it a whirl.  Bon appetit!


 Bonus: Jacques reminisces about his good friend, Julia, and the merry times they had cooking together.


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