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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tradition in the Kitchen

You have to learn Southern cooking from your grandmother, as shown in this video from Southern Living:

Here is the recipe for hot-water cornbread, which I'm sure is yummy. But it's just too easy to reach for a fifty-cent box of Jiffy mix, add an egg and a splash of milk, and throw a pan in the oven, from which it comes out perfect every time.

My own grandmother made a pan of cornbread nearly every day - it was their staple bread, made from scratch with white corn meal, but without sugar or other unnecessary additions.  I prefer the sweet, yellow Jiffy cornbread now, but I remember Grandma's with affection.

It's nice to see that Grandma Jackie is still going strong at 87, after six decades in her pretty kitchen in a ranch-style house. I plan to write a blog post soon about those houses, which were space-age modern in the fifties, and are now classics.


Frank said...

I use Jiffy too...but sometimes I add just a little more milk and make pancakes...not bad.

Russ Manley said...

Hmm, pancakes - never thought of that!

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