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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review

It was quite a remarkable year in many ways, good and bad. Here are some milestones:

And a few more milestones to make you feel old jog your memory, fellas. This was the number-one song in America 50 years ago this week:

And this was number one 40 years ago:

And one more thing: do you realize that kids graduating from college this year were in first grade when the Twin Towers fell - and have no memory of a world without the Internet?

Where does the time go?


Frank said...

Thanks a lot Russ. I really needed to be reminded of how OLD I am! I've referred to S&G "Sounds of Silence and other of their tunes as "music to slit wrists by" and although I admit I was a fan of theirs, I much prefer KC and the Sunshine Band for their upbeat tunes. It was interesting how the soundtrack of the Vietnam era was depressing and introspective and when the war ended it turned to dancing and disco.

The amazing thing about aging is that 50 years doesn't seem that long ago. And that despite grey hair, wrinkles, liver spots ( Curse mirrors!) and aching joints the emotional feeling of youth seems to remain almost tangible. Is there a fountain of youth in New Mexico?
Happy New Year!

Russ Manley said...

I hope there is, and I hope you find it. Hope you guys have a great year in your new home.

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