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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cowboy Lasagna and Cornbread Salad

Your Head Trucker and his roommate M.P. are both down with a cold, but fortunately we have plenty of good comfort food on hand to tide us over. We haven't tried the cowboy lasagna yet, though it certainly sounds like something we carnivores would lap up in a hurry. But we do highly recommend cornbread salad to all and sundry - if you've never had it, you don't know what you're missing. Tricia's version is but one of many available on the internet - we use Ranch Beans in ours. Anyway, whether you are sick or well, enjoy these recipes sometime soon if you need a "comfort day."

Update, 9/20/15: YouTube has pulled the video, but here's a link to Trisha's cowboy lasagna recipe at the Food Network.


Frank said...

OMG pepperoni in a tomato sauce! Oh my gay Italian nerves! Never. Ever! Cowboys should stick to hot dogs and beans cooked in a pot over an open fire and leave the lasagna to us.


Tim said...

Ha, ha! You tell 'em Frank. It'll be spaghetti and tortilla chips next - Ye Haw!

Russ Manley said...

LOL. Frank, you're the last person I would have suspected of being a tomatophobe. Besides, pepperoni always goes with tomato sauce on pizza, so what's the diff?

And Tim, you lot eat kidneys and pickled fish for breakfast, so what would you know about food propriety? Grin.

Frank said...

Well, for one thing, pepperoni is an American invention and it gives me heartburn. Oh, that's two things. And a third thing, I much prefer Italian sausage on my pizza and in my tomato sauce. But to each his own.

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