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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

25 Maps

An unverified, but mildly interesting little vid:


Tim said...


Ted said...

Number 9 - the one about the football coaches pay - may be true for college and professional coaches. It was true for Texas high school coaches, too, for a long time. It wasn't unusual for coach to be the highest paid 'teacher' in a small town, or to receive bonuses and gifts for wins. (I remember a coach getting a new pick up when they won the state championship.) But back in the 80's (I think) the state passed a law requiring teacher salaries be tiered so the highest paid district employee would be the superintendent, and no teacher (including coaches) could make more than their building principal. (A bunch of principals got pay raises that year.) And no more bonuses for UIL results, for anyone, including band directors and drama teachers. The unintended result: Almost all small town coaches make more than their big city cam-padres.

Frank said...

The map of US coaches stood out as an embarrassing representation of our skewed values. Here in CT, the UConn basketball and football coaches make an inordinate amount of money due to the fact that sports brings in lots of money to the University. Money rewards money. It is always about money. Not about education or scholastic excellence.

Russ Manley said...

As Ted indicated above, the same is true of Texas, where football *is* the state religion, and Jesus died to make a field goal. Art and music programs have been eliminated all over the state due to "lack of funds" in the last two decades - but small towns and rural counties continue to turn out in droves to vote themselves into perpetual debt to pay for multi-million dollar athletic stadiums and sports complexes. They are the cathedrals where the faithful gather to worship the One True God - 'nuff said.

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