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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Julia Child: To Roast a Chicken

Also known as the delightful Chicken Sisters episode, first broadcast in 1971:


Frank said...

Call me irreverent but I I've come to prefer the roasted chicken from the grocery store. After all, a cooked chicken is just a cooked chicken, no matter how you try to sophisticate it. Blasphemous words, I know.

Further irreverence: I am reminded of Dan Aykroyd's classic French Chef spoof: https://screen.yahoo.com/french-chef-000000398.html

Russ Manley said...

My friend M.P. gets all into that trussing up stuff, which he enjoys and his poulet roti is delicious - but my method is to simply rub the chicken all over with butter, salt, and pepper, wrap in aluminum foil with tightly-crimped edges, and bake for about 1:15 at 350 - comes out fine.

I've read that Julia didn't care for Ackroyd's impression the first time she saw it, but in later years she used to play it on the VCR to entertain her dinner guests.

Davis said...

A classic - one of television's greatest moments.

Tim said...

I'm with Frank on this one, cooking, like eating, should be fun. The moment it becomes an obsession is the time to give up.

Frank said...

I leave out the butter (calories) and add lots of garlic. Almost everything I cook has garlic.

Russ Manley said...

Garlic is good. You would love Julia's garlic mashed potatoes recipe, which uses two entire heads of garlic - google it up.

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