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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Queering the South for Equal Marriage

There's a movement now afoot to raise awareness and promote marriage equality all over the Southland by sending couples to apply for marriage licenses in places where there's just no possibility of getting them - yet. Take a look at these two boys applying to get hitched at the courthouse in Morristown, Tennesseee, population 29,000, way to hell and gone up in the Smoky Mountains. And have a kleenex handy.

My stars, fellas, I remember a time when it would have been worth your life, just about, to pull something like that in a small-town Southern courthouse. But wasn't the clerk lovely about it? Not everybody would be, even now, but the times they are a-changing even in the land of cotton. An overview of what's happening across Dixie:

Read more about the We Do campaign and find out how you can help at the Campaign for Southern Equality. Or check out more videos like these at their YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, Matt Baume of AFER updates us on marriage progress in the rest of the nation this week:


Nikolaos said...

Very moving. I tweeted it to my followers.

Frank said...

Just when I'm feeling that we are being beaten back, some brave souls prove me wrong. Thanks.

Russ Manley said...

Glad you like, guys.

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