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Saturday, January 8, 2011

It Can Still Be Done

This may be old news to some of you city boys who keep up with all the latest developments, but your Head Trucker is awed by his discovery today that a new building just went up in New York City that is actually - beautiful.  My God, what a concept.  Here's the pics to prove it:

Ralph Lauren had the new digs put up to house his womenswear collection at 72nd Street and Madison, across from his existing store in the old Rhinelander mansion, which is now going to be exclusively for menswear. Actually, I think the new place has a more masculine look, and it sure is handsome. It's faced with Indiana limestone in Beaux Arts style - done by a New York architectural firm that up till now has been known for glass-and-steel postmodern monstrosities.

I don't care anything about Ralph Lauren's brand-name stuff - I've never seen anything he made that I had the least hankering for. But I sure do like his style of building. Who knew that this kind of construction could even be done anymore? But you see it certainly can - if people want to. They just haven't wanted to for the last sixty years or so, and more's the pity.  Architecture on a human scale, with details lovingly crafted, adds a great deal to the enjoyment of life - unlike the slick, faceless, soulless creations of recent decades that have littered the urban wasteland for far too long now.

But this warms my heart, a work of fine craftsmanship - my hat's off to all the guys who worked so hard and so well on this job, especially the stonemasons and iron workers.  I love it, hope more architects will be inspired to do likewise. More pics of this beauty here and here, check it out.


Anonymous said...

And amazingly, some of these modern buildings that were built no more than thirty years ago are derelict and being torn down. Just fitting the concept in American culture of planned obsolescence and anything and everything disposable.
We should make more quality, durable things and that of course should include buildings.

loved this post bud.


David said...

I'm a fan of modern architecture in many instances, conversely, this is really lovely. Ralph makes some things I don't care for, and many things I do, but what he's best at is marketing.
Nobody does American blueblood better.

Russ Manley said...

raulito - I agree with all you said, bud.

David - Lauren sure got it right on this building.

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