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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hurricane Harvey

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We are okay here, no problems from that terrible hurricane, which is hundreds of miles away; but of course the news of all the devastation is distressing. We heard today that M.P.'s nephew and family in Houston have 20 inches of water in the house, and the cars flooded too - awful.

Here's a little vid I found on the link between hurricanes and climate change - I do not say it is accurate or inaccurate, as I am not a scientist, and all that business is just too big and too technical for my ethereal mind to fathom. And I am certain that nothing I do or say here in my small, hemmed-in world will make the slightest difference, anyway.

I don't doubt the fact of man-made climate change - I well recall a biology professor telling us back in 1973 or so that the newly discovered greenhouse effect would be causing climatic changes, and it only makes sense that it would.  But how and where to deal with it is beyond me.  So I present this as a conversation starter only, and what you do with it is up to you.


Davis said...

Though we are far away we feel great empathy for the people of that region. It sounds, though, that good people are doing good things. Hopefully that will be the most important take-away.

Russ Manley said...

Yes, it should remind us of our common humanity and the need to care for one another. At times we are all victims of the storms of life, in one way or another.

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