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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Russ Recommends: Blithe Spirit, 1945

Your Head Trucker can't bear to keep up with the ghastly news out of Washington anymore, and so is declaring a moratorium on current events for the duration.

For anyone who needs the relief of a witty, breezy celestial comedy, try the original film version of Noel Coward's celebrated play, if you can find it.  I just saw it again on TCM last night, and it was delightful as ever, with a young and handsome Rex Harrison as the haunted husband and the inimitable Margaret Rutherford as the other-worldly medium. Original trailer:

A short review from the British Film Institute:


Tim said...

They don’t make ‘em like that any more.....and more’s the pity. Beautifully written, consummately acted, witty, elegant. And not a drop of blood, a gun or an explosion in sight. Aaah, those were the days. :))

Davis said...

I've always enjoyed it - a great film, and yes Harrison was such a handsome young fellow...

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