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Monday, September 27, 2010

WTF: Chevy Is a Four-Letter Word

Just when I was thinking it might be safe to get back in the water, here comes yet another jaw-dropping example of human pissiness and prissiness.

Perhaps this is old news to you fellas, but here in Greater Podunk we just got word of the mindless diktat which will no doubt become infamous for all time to come:  Chevy, "one of the world’s best-known, longest-lived product nicknames," so the NYT calls it, is now a taboo word for all Chevrolet employees, whether at work - or at home.  Strictly verboten.  Whether talking to colleagues, customers, or even your children in the privacy of your own home. 

Employees who break the rule at work have to put a quarter in the cuss jar each time; proceeds will be used for "team building" activities.  Which makes me want to throw up.

And just why should this be, you ask?  From the company's own memo:
When you look at the most recognized brands throughout the world, such as Coke or Apple, for instance, one of the things they all focus on is the consistency of their branding.  Why is this consistency so important? The more consistent a brand becomes, the more prominent and recognizable it is with the consumer.
I'm not making this up.  Swear to God.  Never mind the fact that Chevy has been extremely prominent and eminently recognizable for the last hundred fucking years, just like, um . . . Coke.  Ya know?

Ah, but the world never tires of reinventing the wheel, and every fresh generation thinks they are the first ones to come off the line with built-in brains as standard equipment.  But this folly surpasses even the Edsel.  It's right up there with New Coke.  Remember that one, fellas?

If GM is wanting to torpedo their biggest division . . . goll-ee Moses, I reckon they're halfway there already.

Frank - be nice now, no gloating.

1 comment:

MommieDammit said...

And people wonder why I'm a 5th generation Ford man. My "Big Gurl" is well over 350K, and a rust-bucket from hell - what honest farm truck isn't? - but still starts in all kinds of whether, still gets 27 mpg (combined, and yes - it's a V8), and still eats Prius's and S-10's for breakfast. Now if only the shoes for her damned BIG FEET weren't forcing me into a second mortgage... =)~

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