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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

How Time Does Fly

I just wanted to say that to somebody.  Hard to believe.  It was a great turning point in my life for several reasons not now of interest to anyone but me - and even I'm tired of hearing that old story, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing much.

I was going to write more here - went through several attempts at an essay, but they all kept turning into deadly dull autobiography, and none of them seemed quite right.

So I'll just say how quickly time goes by: from the summit of 60-something, the view is much larger and wider than at 20-something, and you wonder how you got to be this old so soon.  But this commonplace observation is hardly worth your time, so I'll just stop here and wish all my truckbuddies a happy, peaceful July.

God knows we can all use a rest after the past month of upsets and uproars in all directions.

Released in September 1970, this was the "official song" of my graduating class in high school - still a pretty tune after all these years.


Davis said...

The year I graduated from university. Seems a lot longer than fifty years, frankly.

Michael said...

It is indeed amazing how quickly time passes. This song was sung at my wedding in 1980. I married too young, and the rest is history...Thanks for posting that song.

Russ Manley said...

You're welcome.

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