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Friday, August 11, 2017

Waitin' for the Weekend


Tim said...

Well this weekend I’ll take #3 Bubba; even though he has been photo-shopped. He’s young and fresh, all the things I’m not! LoL. But it does raise the point about what you see is not necessarily what you’d get. In this case his pecs, nipples and shoulders have been ‘ballooned’ but his original wash-board abs have been ‘flattened' to a mere hint of their true glory. This digital tinkering is happening a lot with gay imagery these days...sigh. Its becoming a pet peeve.....one of many! "Caveat emptor" as they used to say. A good weekend to you and yours. Tim

Frank said...

Tim, don't rain on our parade! - especially when the possibility of nuclear holocaust looms! # 2 and #3 are just nearly perfect! And reminders that neither life nor genetics are FAIR!
I sometimes wonder what it would be like to walk around having a body like that. Or just having a body like that to play with.

Tim said...

Sorry Frank, better get your umbrella up! (Wasn’t there something about a nuclear umbrella once?)

I’m sure some clever fellow could make an analogy between the purveyors of photoshopped imagery, peddling untruths and raising false expectations to Messrs Trump and Kim, but I’m far too dull witted for that.

If its any consolation this current crisis doesn’t (to me at least) have the same feel of intensity, or impending doom, that the Cuban Missile crisis did. But then Kennedy had a remarkable gravitas when required, and Khrushchev was nothing if not a pragmatist. But with the current incumbents who knows? Perhaps History will be kind and photo-edit them out?

P.S. Yes, #2 is quite something, play gently with him!

Davis said...

That leaves # 4 for me - is that right fellas? Must have won the lottery! Thanks!!!

Tim said...

Davis, you got him, enjoy!

Russ Manley said...

Oh dear - fake photos of half-naked men. What is the world coming to?

Ah but they do make lovely dreams, don't they? And pretty thoughts are needed now more than ever, in this ugly world.

At least you all get your top picks this week, so I must be doing something right! Carry on.

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