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Friday, February 17, 2017

The Enemy of the People

My usual Friday post will be delayed a bit while I inform my truckbuddies of this appaling item: this afternoon, Trump declared the mainstream news media "the enemy of the people."  Breathtaking effrontery!

Oh yeah? Well, I have a much better, much clearer idea of who the real enemy of the people is. Nobody who shoots his mouth off like this has any right to be sitting in the Oval Office.

It would seem that Republican Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe feels the same way as your Head Trucker:

My God have mercy, I have lived to see this day - a sitting president denouncing the free press, which the Founding Fathers held was essential to our Constitution and our liberties - a view which the Supreme Court has consistently upheld ever since. This cannot continue. This attitude has no place in our republic, and no one who thinks this way and spews such fascist garbage has any place in our government.  Such a one is a traitor to all that America stands for.

He must go, and all his fascist minions with him - the sooner, the better. Will anyone second this motion?

Bonus: Scholars might debate the meaning of the word fascist, but here is a living, breathing example direct from the White House last Sunday - Trump advisor Stephen Miller announcing to "all of planet Earth" that the powers of the President "will not be questioned." The panel at Morning Joe take him to task for that dictatorial attitude:

Less than a month in office, Trump has shown his true colors, and they are just what we feared they would be. What more proof is needed?


Frank said...

Russ, I agree with you totally. I am hoping that 45 and his entire staff and cabinet will, by virtue of their incredible incompetence, make it inevitable that they all must go. I suspect that if this idiocy continues, the administration will eventually implode upon itself, unfortunately not before having inflicted major damage on our democracy.

I have been virtually silent on the matter*, but appreciate your news briefs and commentary.

*I'm not sure I have anything to add to the conversation, but I am listening intently.

Russ Manley said...

I hope the Trumpistas can all be removed without it coming to bloodshed, though who can say what will happen? However, since Trump keeps pissing off more and more Republicans every time he opens his big mouth, perhaps a simple impeachment will be more likely. Then of course Pence will slide right into the empty chair, and that will be another story but at least - dear God I hope - Pence will not attempt to destroy the Constitutional order as Trump is doing. Not I think by any clever plan, but by sheer stupidity and narcissism.

I'm not attempting to keep up with every development in the Trump trainwreck here on the BT, but I appreciate very much your "listening in" and that of all my truckbuddies. Sometimes it helps you cope just to tell a friend what you're feeling - ya know?

Davis said...

God help us.

Russ Manley said...


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