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Friday, July 22, 2016

This Has Got to Stop, NOW

I am steaming mad and deeply, deeply ashamed of Texas and its police.  To the point of nausea, in fact.

I'm not running a daily news blog here, so I don't try to post about everything that happens in the world, and I rarely go on a blog rant anymore (realizing how useless my 2 cents' worth is in the scheme of things) - but among all the other awful things in the news today, this in particular made me lose it.

What the fuck is wrong with these big bruiser cops, throwing a little bitty woman around like a rag doll and slamming her to the ground and sitting on her?  On a simple, petty little traffic stop - which, by the way, is totally discretionary - in broad daylight, in front of hundreds of passing motorists?  Just What.The.Fuck. is wrong with them???

If it had been a white woman, you can damn sure believe the officer's badge would be gone, his career would be toast, and no second chances. And his ass would be sitting in jail for a good long while.

Unlike what happened to the McKinney police officer last year, who showed what a really BIG MAN he was by manhandling and kneeling on a skinny 14-year-old black girl in a bikini - and has now been cleared of all charges by the local grand jury:

What a travesty of justice.  The police are NOT the law.  The police are NOT above the law.  The police are NOT our masters.  They are the servants of the law and of the public, and somebody better get that across to them, pronto. 

I understand that there are times when the police are obliged to use force to preserve the peace, or defend life and property. Of course. But the sword of justice must be wielded wisely, kindly, and judiciously - and there are many, many more times when the police are under an overriding obligation NOT to use force. Something has gone far wrong here, and just what are all our elected leaders doing about it? Where is the corrective action?

This cannot go on.  Nor any of the other godawful things spilling across your TV screen every day, not if civilization is to continue.

And of course Herr Trump is milking it for all it is worth - "Vote for me, I Will Keep You Safe."  Yes, in a police state run for his and his lackeys' goddamn profit, 24/7.  Just like Hitler promised and every other shitheaded dictator you can name.  This is how and where it starts - and don't think it can't happen here.  It can.

Maybe it already has, and we just haven't realized it yet.

I have no answers.  I just say, it all has to stop now, just STOP THE MADNESS before we are all engulfed by a monstrous, evil darkness that will devour feckless liberals and overweening conservatives alike.  And if that comes, don't think for a moment that your white skin or cool clothes or your pretty college diploma will give you any immunity.  The boot will be on everyone's neck.
Here's the Washington Post article, if you care to read it:

Austin Police Body-slam Black Teacher

Oh, and of course there's this too, in sunny, laid-back South Florida:

North Miami Police Shoot Black Man with Hands Raised

And no, even this does NOT in any way, shape, or form justify the stupid fuckheads who have been shooting police officers.  Two wrongs do not make a right.

But it all has to STOP.  NOW.  And that means EVERYBODY on all sides.

Race and religion have nothing to do with it. Simple human decency does.

That's all I can say, I'm too upset to carry on further here.


Frank said...

Sometimes we need to rant, not that anyone cares or that it will make a difference. I certainly hear you.

There is definitely SOMETHING going on that has changed our society radically...partly it seems, that tacit permission has been granted (by whom, I don't really know) for anyone who wishes, to believe, say, and do whatever the hell they please without regard for other's lives, or feelings or wellbeing. And trump is the prime example right now.

I don't pretend to know how all the pieces and factions interact - police, government, religious fanatics and anti-gay forces, politicians, gun-lovers, racists and bigots...but at this point in time I do believe, (and I don't usually use profanity in print,) the GOP IS FUCKING DANGEROUS!

And the fact that 50% give or take of the population says they will vote for Trump is absolutely UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE! Who are these morons? And what WILL they do if they get the chance?

All the political advertising in the world by Hillary and the Dems is NOT going to change their tiny, little bigoted minds. The only thing that might tip the scales is some unforeseen revelation, scandal, event, illness, nuclear war or ...I just can't imagine what could dissuade the Kool Aide Drinkers from their cult.

Not only should we all be doing whatever we can to elect Hillary, (support efforts for voter registration and get out the vote primarily because numbers will be important) we should also be planning strategies to combat the attacks we LGBT folks will continue to be subjected to in the future, no matter who is elected.

Davis said...

Just horribly horribly sad - tragic - but we seem helpless to change it.

Russ Manley said...

Frank, I've been saying in this blog since Day 1 that the Republican Party is unfit to govern, and it only becomes more apparent with every passing day: the party of hate and ignorance and fanaticism. And an utter lack of principles: just look at how quickly all the many well-educated politicians and journalists have eagerly joined the rush to kiss Trump's ass since he became the inevitable nominee, despite all the horrible insults and slanders he slung at them before. They have not suddenly suffered amnesia, or gone deaf and blind: they know exactly what they are doing, prostituting themselves for the big man's favor, and it is filthy beyond words. As for the ignorant ones, well they are lapping up the biggest, raunchiest tent revival and reality show ever put on - as they have been trained to do.

Davis - I have no answers but at the very least we can write and write and write again to our elected officials high and low, and demand a change. We can also vote for those who have intelligence and decency in their hearts, if such can be found.

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