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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Birthday Quiz

A guest post by my truckbuddy Tim from England, now resident in Spain :

Happy Birthday, Bubba!

Russ turned a certain age this week. Knowing he likes a bit of class, here are six classy studs, one for each decade - plus one to grow on. And just to keep that old brain box ticking over, some questions as well.

1.  First of all, a wash and brush up for the birthday boy, but whose pool is this?

2.  Next, some gentle exercise, Texas style! Ride ‘em, Russ! Name the piece and artist.

3.  Some light refreshment next, a young wine, nice full body! Where is it?

4.  Well, you might not be a Superman, Bubba, but you do seem a decent sort. Name the artist.

5.  I have this image of Russ, wise, magisterial, master of all he surveys. Red suits you! Who and by whom?

6.  After a long hard day, a relaxing snooze, you’ve earned it, Russ, but where are you?

7.  Finally, a beautiful bronze, but what and by who? That patina is so warm, like mahogany, you want to run your hands over the torso!

Many Happy Returns, and many more of them!

Thanks much, Tim - readers, feel free to leave your answers in the comment box below. (Tim says I scored about a 75, which ain't bad for an old peckerwood from Texas.  I tell you what.)  I'll post the answers on Monday.

Update, 6/1: Quiz answers are now posted in the comment box.


Rex said...

This is great! Happy happy!


Tim said...

Glad you like Rex - any answers yet? I'll give you a clue; the sculptor for No7 was born in your neighbourhood, Seattle.

Rex said...

I always fancy myself as cultured but you are too good. David for number 6?

Tim said...

Well Rex, we could always use some more statues of the young David, but unfortunately No. 6 isn't one of them. However, you are definitely on the right track naming a handsome youth from antiquity.

One BIG clue to all readers, I photographed all of these in California.

Rex said...

I thought maybe number 5 was PAINTED BY David, what was it, Jacques David? The Apple Cider Press by Thomas Shields-Clarke Number 3. Is the Superman by Warhol or Wittgenstein? Is number 7 Wehn? I am guessing number 2 is Zapata?

Russ Manley said...

Quiz answers, per Tim:

1. Marble statue, possibly Adonis, in the Roman Pool, Hearst Castle, CA. One of several fine specimens there I might add!

2. The 'Bronco Buster' by Frederic Remington. This, one of several copies he made, is in the De Young Museum, San Francisco, CA. It has such movement and vitality, not too keen on the full moustache though!

3. 'The Apple Cider Press' made by American sculptor Thomas Shields Clark in 1892, just outside the De Young, and a frequent trysting place for gay couples. Who'd have thought it???

4. Superman, 1950, by American pop-artist Mel Ramos, from Sacremento. At the De Young.

5. This is Caius Marius (Roman General) amid the ruins of Carthage, painted in 1807 by American neo-classicist John Vanderlyn. At the De Young.

6. Ganymede on the wings of Zeus, disguised as an eagle. An art-deco piece commissioned by William Randolph Hearst and situated in the Hearst Castle gardens, with much other beautiful statuary and vegetation.

7. ‘The Young Bather’ 1955, by the Seattle born artist Donal Hord. He lived mainly in San Diego and many of his large pieces may be seen around the city. This piece is about 33” high and normally resides in the San Diego State Library, but was on temporary display in the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park when I saw it.

Davis said...

Bon Anniversaire!

Russ Manley said...

Merci beaucoup!

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