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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Julia Child: Mousse au Chocolat

The Queen of Cuisine shows us how to make the perfect chocolate mousse, an excellent dessert for the holidays, in this episode from 1971:

And no, I really, truly don't give a fuck if anyone thinks it's "healthy" or not. So don't even go there. Julia herself lived to be 92 and enjoyed every minute of her time on this earth, which is more than the snotty, snobby health fanatics of this self-righteous age can say.


Tim said...

That's made me hungry!

Jeffrey Rich said...

I've tried that one, but her newer recipe in her book, "The Way to Cook" is easier, more stable, and more reliably good. This one is a bit involved and doesn't produce superior results.

Russ Manley said...

Tim - No mousse for you, mustn't allow that lean flyboy figure to inflate!

Jeffrey - The wonderful thing about Julia is that she wasn't hidebound or doctrinaire about cooking, but evolved, simplified, and streamlined her recipes as time went on - often making them better as you say.

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