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Friday, February 4, 2011

Still Cold

All this week it's been bitterly cold:  down in the teens at night and wind chills in the single digits.  Weather reports say it's not going to let up soon, either.  At the moment, it's snowing lightly, 25 degrees and wind chill of 16.  Took a couple pics to show you guys. 

I know it's even worse in other places, but for Texas this is bad - real bad.  I have the faucets dripping night and day, and keep the thermostat on 70 (in real numbers, that means about 60), trying to avoid a whopping heating bill - which means I feel cold all the time.  Too cold to do anything but eat and sleep.

You can see the postman's tracks in the front yard.
Snow too deep to see where the curb ends and the street begins.
My poor birds perched on the frozen birdbath earlier, now piled
4 inches deep with snow.
Florida looks good right now.
The Pork Boys are due to have another big dinner do tomorrow but I don't know if the other PB can make it out here.  He slid off into a ditch the other night, swerving to avoid a speeding van; he was not happy about the hundred dollars it cost to have a tow truck pull him out.  We were hoping by tomorrow the snow would have abated, but it's only going up to 37 they say, and that may not be enough to clear the stuff off these country roads.  So we'll see.

Even with all the storm windows closed and the heat mildly on, I've been sleeping in my clothes all week.  It's that cold here.  You guys take care and stay warm, if you can.


Anonymous said...

You can always come down here and defrost your bones. And I cook great meals. We have a tradition that a guest of ours gets breakfast in bed the first morning. The rest of your stay you are on your own.

We had the A/C on all day...


Ted said...

Over here on the 380 Corridor east of Denton, it's been pretty cold, too. The weather folks said it would stop by noon, but this afternoon at 3:00 it was SNOWING WHILE THE SUN WAS SHINING! SUN AND SNOW AT THE SAME TIME!!! It had to be a sign...that I should eat cake and ice cream tonight...

Russ Manley said...

raulito - you really know how to hurt a guy, don't you? And only breakfast in bed?

Ted - too cloudy here for sun but snow off and on all day. I bet this was one day there was light traffic on 380 for a change.

FDeF said...

Doesn't Home Depot sell snow shovels down there?

Stan said...

I feel your pain Russ. We're having a hellava winter here in the Northeast too! Ugh! Uncle!

Staircase Witch said...

Your little birdies are almost spherical in that picture. Poor doves. They don't do very well in severe cold, I'm told. Hop it's warmed up there some by now--we're stuck in the deep freeze here in Illinois, but we're used to it.

Russ Manley said...

Frank - what's a snow shovel?

Stan - I don't know how you guys stand it.

SW - You have a good eye, the birdies sit there with their feathers pooched out, I suppose that makes a bit of a shield from the knifelike icy wind. Poor things.

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